BassBang 1.3


Create rhythmic bases for bass and drums, and add visual effects.

BassBang is a percussion machine with bass strings and progressions. With this program you can make drum and bass lines, apply strings and make a rythmic base for your songs. You can also use these compositions for when you are practising the guitar or piano, or simply as exercise when playing the drums or piano.

You can also add some 3D graphics and colour them. The drawings will move to the beat of your drums and bass. So, in addition to creating rhythm bases, you also have visual effects to accompany them.

The main features of BassBang:

* Create rhythmic bases for any music style in a short time.

* Using these bases you can create a song and apply strings. If you play the guitar, for example, you can record yourself and place the guitar over the rhythm.

* Percussion machine: click on the notes and create a rhythm.

* Bass line: draw your bass lines with corresponding chords.

* Drum and bass lines line up visually to synchronize them easier.

* Store your work in WAV or MIDI formats.

* Add colours and shapes so that they move to the rhythm you create.


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